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The Raw Menu 


Raw Oysters 

Two Oceans, Two Sauces, One love 

Lucky Limes from Prince Edward Island Canada

Totten Inlet Washington state


a Sherry Vinegar Mignonette


a Passion Fruit jalapeño mignonette 


2021 dry Riesling + 2022 dry Riesling (tank sample)



Snapper ceviche with crisp tortillas and smoked tomato aioli 

2021 gewürz pet nat


Hamachi and Uni “Poke” served with an Avocado Cucumber Salad 

2021 Riesling



Gulf of Maine Bluefin Tuna toro Sashimi 

With a citrus ponzu glaze and Japanese pickled vegetables 

2022 Chardonnay (barrel sample)



(How to fillet a salmon like a fishmonger)

Whole fish breakdown 


Salmon Belly “Steak Tartare” served with garlic flatbread

2021 tuxedo 


Crispy Salmon Nigiri with jalapeños and a sriracha Aioli 

2018 pinot noir



Ahi Tuna “Mediterranea”

Sliced sashimi grade Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) on baby arugula with pickled shallots, aged balsamic vinegar and Sicilian (Cortina) olive oil

2021 Rosé pet Nat 



Sliced raw Day Boat Sea Scallops with a Harissa preserved lemon drizzle

Served with sumac-dusted crispy chickpeas

2021 intermezzo 



Something sweet 

Apple Tatin Tartlet with Handmade Bourbon Caramel 

and Cinnamon Crème Chantilly 

Created with locally sourced fruit made especially for us by 

Mark Den Hollander from Cafe Flore 


2015 ‘white space’ riesling

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