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New Extended Hours!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 10 PM

 and Sunday until 8 PM

EXTENDED Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Wednesday 
9 AM to 7 PM
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
9 AM to 10 PM 
Sunday 9 AM to 8 PM
1320 Rt. 22 West
Lebanon, New Jersey​

Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet

We have an assortment of over 20 different types of Oysters waiting for you!

Our inventory changes with what is available at the Market.

Our team is here for you and excited to share all we know.


West Coast:

Kumamotos (Ca)
Kumo Gway (Wa)
Nisqually (Wa)
Sunset Beach(Wa)
Totten Inlet (Wa)

East Coast:

Belon (ME)
Blue Points (NY)
Bambalam (NJ)
Highbar Harbor (NJ)
Ichabod Flat (Mass)
Island Creek (Mass)
Lucky Limes (NB Can)
Mookie Blue (Mass)
Moonshoal (Mass)
Raspberry Pt. (PEI)

Pemaquid (ME)
Rocky Nock (Mass)
Rose Cove (NJ)
Spring Creek (Mass)
Sweet Neck (Mass)
Three Bay (Mass)
Village Bay (NB Can)
Wellfleet (Mass)
Wilding Bastard (NJ)
Blackberry (Va)


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Check out the large selection of Sustainable Farm Raised, Wild, Imported and American Caviars.

Gift Boxes for all occasions!

Check our daily inventory always fresh never frozen.

Check our daily lunch takeout. Call us if you have any special requests.

Our catering events are occasions that you will remember forever.

We have an abundance of specialty foods and supplies for your cooking needs. 

Excite your taste buds, Visit

Metropolitan Seafood at the

Stockton Farmers Market

FRI: 12PM–8PM  |  SAT: 9AM–4PM  |  SUN: 10AM–4PM
19 BRIDGE STREET, STOCKTON, NJ  |  609.608.2824

We are open Friday, Saturday and  

Sunday with a full supply of fresh seafood




Friday's Only from 3 PM until 7 PM

Our Classic Fish and Chips
Our Famous Grilled Fish Tacos 
METRO'S own Lobster Roll with Fries
Rock Shrimp Tacos
Crab Cake Rolls


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February 1, 2020

Are you kidding me! This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday, I couldn't care less about that rabies infested rodent. Too harsh? Okay, you just keep getting your weather from a Groundhog and while you're at it, why don't you just get your news from a Ouija board. Sorry, Phil and I have some bad blood but I should not have taken it out on you.  Anyway let's get back to what I really want to share with you today. As most of you know, like a bunch of us, one of my New Years Resolutions was to get back into the gym and hopefully extend a zestful tenure on this gorgeous blue marble.

December 17, 2019

Truly, this has been the tastiest time I have ever had constructing a third chin. From Toni's Italian filled butter cookies to Karen's walnut fudge and too many others to mention, this year's confection commandos have successfully won the war and caused my "thinner" jeans to retreat far into the back of my closet. Seriously, those slender denims have completely given up, the last I heard they were behind a pair of pinned striped pleated jeans from the 80's.  And as long as I am expressing my gratitude, may I give a heartfelt thank you to all of those folks who innocently asked me (as if they didn't notice my thick size), "Hey, I'm whipping up a batch of Christmas cookies, which are your favorite?" Oh my, I wonder what Cookie a Chubby Fishmonger likes...

July 18, 2019

"Hey Dad, I certainly don't mind cutting the grass but just so you are aware the heat index is quite dangerous and with my elevated weight, I might be symptomatic for early onset diabetes." Yeah that would have went over real well as I carefully brushed myself off after a classic Baby Boomer open faced smackdown. "No pop, that tooth was loose anyway and I'm pretty sure folks are still losing their baby teeth well into your twenties."

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