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Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 10 PM

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Tuesday - Wednesday 
9 AM to 7 PM
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
9 AM to 10 PM 
Sunday 9 AM to 8 PM
1320 Rt. 22 West
Lebanon, New Jersey​

Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet

We have an assortment of over 20 different types of Oysters waiting for you!

Our inventory changes with what is available at the Market.

Our team is here for you and excited to share all we know.


West Coast:

Kumamotos (Ca)
Kumo Gway (Wa)
Nisqually (Wa)
Sunset Beach(Wa)
Totten Inlet (Wa)

East Coast:

Belon (ME)
Blue Points (NY)
Bambalam (NJ)
Highbar Harbor (NJ)
Ichabod Flat (Mass)
Island Creek (Mass)
Lucky Limes (NB Can)
Mookie Blue (Mass)
Moonshoal (Mass)
Raspberry Pt. (PEI)

Pemaquid (ME)
Rocky Nock (Mass)
Rose Cove (NJ)
Spring Creek (Mass)
Sweet Neck (Mass)
Three Bay (Mass)
Village Bay (NB Can)
Wellfleet (Mass)
Wilding Bastard (NJ)
Blackberry (Va)


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Check out the large selection of Sustainable Farm Raised, Wild, Imported and American Caviars.

Gift Boxes for all occasions!

Check our daily inventory always fresh never frozen.

Check our daily lunch takeout. Call us if you have any special requests.

Our catering events are occasions that you will remember forever.

We have an abundance of specialty foods and supplies for your cooking needs. 

Excite your taste buds, Visit

Metropolitan Seafood at the

Stockton Farmers Market

FRI: 12PM–8PM  |  SAT: 9AM–4PM  |  SUN: 10AM–4PM
19 BRIDGE STREET, STOCKTON, NJ  |  609.608.2824

We are open Friday, Saturday and  

Sunday with a full supply of fresh seafood




Friday's Only from 3 PM until 7 PM

Our Classic Fish and Chips
Our Famous Grilled Fish Tacos 
METRO'S own Lobster Roll with Fries
Rock Shrimp Tacos
Crab Cake Rolls


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May 24, 2019

"Hey fishman, I think we all know that...what's your point?" Well I am glad you asked, the fact is that I don't think you are looking at the holiday the right way. Sure, you are going to probably host or attend a barbecue and hang out with the friends and family. And hey, if it's warm enough and you not ashamed of your Mid-Spring body (by the way, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day getting out of the shower and I body shamed myself) you might even take a dip in the pool (for the record, the earth around me would have to be in flames and even then, I would jump in the pool with a full suit of armor on).

March 5, 2019

Today is Fat Tuesday and for those of you who are entering the Lenten Season this is your last chance to go nuts before you make up your "Giving Up" list. For those not in the know, this is like a New Years Resolution but we only have to keep it up for 40 days. Some folks give up sweets and some even give up libation for this time frame. I for one, could not do that to my friends and family, giving up Alcohol for the next forty days would just make me into a complete monster not to mention would have me deal with my "real body" image completely sober.  Seriously, there is nothing more comforting then seeing your hot mess in a mirror with the delightful haze of champagne in your head...I find it very forgiving to say the least.

January 29, 2019

Are you PUMPED? Of course not, our local teams are not in it and seeing Tom Brady in the Superbowl is like trying to get excited about seeing Bruce Willis in the seventh installment of the Die Hard franchise "A Good Day to Die Hard." Pee-Yew that film stunk. Anyway, at least it is a chance for us as fellow Americans to come together on the common bond of Football and of course, Eating our body weight in Old Bay Fried Shrimp and Queso Dip. Now that is something that excites me and truth be told I will be fasting all week so come this Sunday I can eat with the reckless abandonment of a Grizzly Bear when the Salmon are running.

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