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New Extended Hours!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 10 PM

 and Sunday until 8 PM

EXTENDED Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Wednesday 
9 AM to 7 PM
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
9 AM to 10 PM 
Sunday 9 AM to 8 PM
1320 Rt. 22 West
Lebanon, New Jersey​

Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet

We have an assortment of over 20 different types of Oysters waiting for you!

Our inventory changes with what is available at the Market.

Our team is here for you and excited to share all we know.


West Coast:

Kumamotos (Ca)
Kumo Gway (Wa)
Nisqually (Wa)
Sunset Beach(Wa)
Totten Inlet (Wa)

East Coast:

Belon (ME)
Blue Points (NY)
Bambalam (NJ)
Highbar Harbor (NJ)
Ichabod Flat (Mass)
Island Creek (Mass)
Lucky Limes (NB Can)
Mookie Blue (Mass)
Moonshoal (Mass)
Raspberry Pt. (PEI)

Pemaquid (ME)
Rocky Nock (Mass)
Rose Cove (NJ)
Spring Creek (Mass)
Sweet Neck (Mass)
Three Bay (Mass)
Village Bay (NB Can)
Wellfleet (Mass)
Wilding Bastard (NJ)
Blackberry (Va)


CAVIAR-067 2ozimportV2.jpg

Check out the large selection of Sustainable Farm Raised, Wild, Imported and American Caviars.

Gift Boxes for all occasions!

Check our daily inventory always fresh never frozen.

Check our daily lunch takeout. Call us if you have any special requests.

Our catering events are occasions that you will remember forever.

We have an abundance of specialty foods and supplies for your cooking needs. 

Excite your taste buds, Visit

Metropolitan Seafood at the

Stockton Farmers Market

FRI: 12PM–8PM  |  SAT: 9AM–4PM  |  SUN: 10AM–4PM
19 BRIDGE STREET, STOCKTON, NJ  |  609.608.2824

We are open Friday, Saturday and  

Sunday with a full supply of fresh seafood




Friday's Only from 3 PM until 7 PM

Our Classic Fish and Chips
Our Famous Grilled Fish Tacos 
METRO'S own Lobster Roll with Fries
Rock Shrimp Tacos
Crab Cake Rolls


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June 11, 2019

That's right, this Sunday is Father's Day and yet another chance to tell Pop just how you feel about him. Now I dare not speak for all Fathers out there but trust me when I tell you we are not comfortable with this kind of attention. What the Hake fillet are you talking about Fishmonger, doesn't everyone dig a little shower of gratitude. That's probably true for most folks but you have to get into the mind of a Dad to really get it.

June 4, 2019

What the Hake fillet are you talking about now Fishman? You know, there are some days when you eat for a zestful life consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and of course the lean gorgeous proteins of fresh seafood. And then there are the darker days when your inner gourmand demon comes out to play. "Fat is Awesome"..."Bacon Up My Life!" know what I'm talking about like when you found yourself in a lovely psychotropic state while elbow deep in a plate of crispy pork skins. That's when you look to your right shoulder and found out that your "good" angel has not only fallen off your shoulder but you stepped on him getting to a mashed potato bar. The poor guy just laid there unconscious while you poured extra gravy on your already heavily "cheddared...

August 21, 2018

There is of course some goals which will unfortunately go into the unachievable box for this season, like getting into "Speedo" shape. I was so jazzed this year of the thought of finally walking onto the beach like I was from some French part of Canada donning a red Speedo but sadly I was sabotaged by the dreaded Ice Cold Beer God's and more than my share of Tacos. And while I did not land a trophy fish this year whilst summer angling I did manage to catch a fantastic Scotch and Soda Buzz on one particular outing. Of course many of my clients and friends did remind me by asking "Hey fishman, I thought this was going to be the year that you learned how to ride a motorcycle"...Okay, I know I said it was going to happen but every time the thought of hitting the open road with the...

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