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Fresh and Frozen Seafood Offerings 
from Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet 

You may pre-order any of these seafood gems!

Remember, seafood is the last hunted food source on earth….
Honor the fisherman.

Our availability of seafood mentioned below is dependent on season and weather.


Fin Fish

  •    Anchovies

  •   Arctic Char

  •   Barramundi

  •   Black cod Sablefish

  •   Bluefish

  •   Blue nose Snapper

  •   Butter fish

  •   Blowfish

  •   Branzini/Branzino

  •   Bream/ Sea Bream/Durato

  •   Carp

  •   Catfish

  •   Cod/ Market Cod/ Steak Cod and Scrod Cod

  •   Corvina

  •   Dogfish

  •   Drum: Red Drum/Red Fish

  •   Eels

  •   Flounder

  •   Fluke

  •   Grouper

  •   Haddock

  •   Hake

  •   Halibut

  •   Herring

  •   Kingfish

  •   Jack Crevalle

  •   John Dory

  •   Lingcod

  •   Mackerel Spanish and Boston

  •   Mahi Mahi

  •   Monkfish 

  •   Moonfish/ Opah  

  •   Mullet  

  •   Orange roughy only when available fresh

  •   Opah Hawaiian Moon Fish

  •   Patagonian tooth fish Chilean Sea Bass

  •   Pike

  •   Pollock

  •   Pompano

  •   Porgies (Scup)

  •   Red Mullet (Rouget)

  •   Red Snapper (American) Pink Snapper

  •   Sablefish

  •   Sardines both Portuguese and Greek

  •   Salmon-Organic Farmed raised from either Scotland or Ireland

  •   Salmon-Wild depending on the time of the year Steel Head,        King(Chinook), Copper River, Yukon River, Rainforest, Ivory (White      Salmon), Sockeye, Coho

  •   Sea Bass (Black)

  •   Shad and Shad Roe

  •   Shark Usually Mako

  •   Sheephead (Bay Snapper)

  •   Skate

  •   Smelts

  •   Sole both Grey Sole for domestic waters and Dover Sole from Holland     and Spain

  •   Striped Bass (Farmed only allowed in NJ)

  •   Sturgeon

  •   Swordfish

  •   Spearing

  •   Tilapia

  •   Tilefish Golden Tile and Grey Tile

  •   Tautog /Blackfish

  •   Trout Rainbow

  •   Trigger fish

  •   Tuna (Sushi Grade)Yellow fin tuna, Big eye tuna and Blue fin Tuna

  •   Turbot

  •   Wahoo

  •   Whitefish

  •   Whiting



  •   Caviar (Sturgeon Roe)

  •   Ikura (Salmon Roe)    

  •   Kazunoko (Herring Roe)

  •   Lumpfish Roe

  •   Masago (Capelin Roe)

  •   Shad Roe

  •   Tobiko (Flying-fish Roe)



  •    Dungeness  Crab

  •    King Crab

  •    Snow Crab

  •    Blue Claw Crabs

Crab Meat 

  •    Fresh Special

  •    Lump 

  •    Jumbo Lump

  •    Colossal 

  •    Florida Stone Crab

Crab Claws 


  •    Little Neck Clams

  •    Cherrystones

  •    Top Necks

  •    Chowder Clams

Clams: Fresh Chopped Clam Meat
Clams: Steamers or Whole Belly Clams
Razor Clams

  •    Frozen

  •    Fresh

  •    Canned Meat (Scungilli)

Cuttlefish/ Sepia
Geoduck (Giant Clam)

Crawfish- live or steamed
Crab Claws

  •   Blue Crab Cocktail Claw

  •   Jonah Crab Claws (Empress Crab)   Zealand, and South Africa

Shrimp Wild Hopper Pink always Crisp
Soft Shell Crabs 

Manila Clams

Jonah Crab Live
Live Lobsters from 1 ¼ to 5 lbs. plus 
Lobster Tails from Brazil, New 


  •    Prince Edward Island

  •    New Zealand

Octopus: Spanish Baby Octopus as well as larger varieties

Oysters: too numerous to mention

Shucked Oyster for Stew and Frying




Bay Scallops

Sea Scallops

Taylor Bay Scallops in the shell


Sea Cucumber
Frogs Legs

Uni (sea urchin "roe")

Live Sea Urchin

Baccala Salt Cod

BBQ Eels for Sushi (Unagi)

Compass star
Oysters on ice