This Incan deity has never failed us in the past...

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients and please allow me to wish you all a Wonderful Holiday Weekend filled with Great Seafood, Family and Friends.

I know some of you have checked out the weather forecast and may be a tad blue that the predicted rain might sully your Memorial Weekend Plans. But fear not, your humble Fishmongers at Metro have been tirelessly offering up gifts to the Sun God Apu-punchau. This Incan deity has never failed us in the past but sure does dig his fresh Seafood. While just this week we received a note from Apu-punchau himself stating that if we wanted to see the Sun this weekend that we "Get Busy making some Colossal Grilled Shrimp with a Pesto Drizzle" well played sir, the guy does have good taste. I even remember a couple of months ago he used a sharpie and wrote on the windshield of my truck "You know what would be nice this weekend? A little Sunshine...How about 2 dozen Wellfleet Oysters on the half shell and a 6 pack of Weyerbacher Easton Brown & Down?"

Wait a minute, Colin my longtime Fish Manager Drinks the Beer...

That crafty son of a Sea Bass, he tricked me again. But hey who am I to complain, he does bring spiritual warmth and Sunshine into my life every day. Sincerely though, don't get bummed out about the weather, we're from Jersey and I believe that does make us stronger than the storm...oh, that's catchy. I for one am delighted at the slightly cooler temps predicated for the weekend. For one, my beer will stay colder and two, I can still disguise my "Spring Rolls" with more "Cloth Covering."

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