Grill abuse has gone on too long...won't you put an end to these heinous charbroiled infractions

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients and as we head into late spring, it has come to my attention that some of you have gone charcoal deep into grilling season.

Now don't get me wrong, I love that you all are enjoying the rustic grilled flavors of fresh seafood over an open flame but some of you have gone into the season without the slightest regard for the health of your grill.

Stop Grill Abuse

I mean come on, how would you feel if you spent the entire winter completely covered and one warm day someone barks out to you "Hey, get up and run around the block as fast as you can and throw a couple of weights on your shoulders." Well my culinary travelers, that is in essence what you're asking of your beloved friend "Gas Grill" and if your aren't careful this workhorse of summer might just blow a Grill Burner come the 4th of July. One gas grill in Readington emailed me after the Memorial Day weekend and wrote "It was horrible, I was asked to grill shrimp kebobs and chicken thighs on my dirty grates without even a warm-up...I felt like a cheap "State Park" barbeque...I was so upset I couldn't even heat the right side of my body...oh, the humanity." I know, that was painful to read but wait to you hear what a Weber in Annandale wrote me..."I was lit up and immediately turned to high heat and before I knew it, I could only heat a 4 inch diameter in the middle of my owner got frustrated with me and proceeded to hit me with a Potting Trowel to, as he says "Loosen things Up" a little...what kind of world are we living in..." Come on little chef, this kind of Grill abuse has gone on too long...won't you put an end to these heinous charbroiled infractions. So early this week let's give these fiery workhorses the love they so desperately need by gently and unselfishly opening their lid and give them a good cleaning or perhaps a little gift that shows you care, like a new grill brush...that's always nice. Today's super easy weekday recipes featuring Pan Grilled Arctic Char with a Dilled Asparagus Salad & Pan Grilled Minted Garlic Tilapia will give you the time to get outside and show your grill the attention it so desperately craves. Should you witness any grill abuse, please call 1 (800) ILL-GRIL...thank you.