Now please do not misunderstand me, I'm not one who is prone to "Road Rage"

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients who, like me, travel to New York City on a regular basis to make my proverbial "Bread and Butter"...which by the way, I love, yes, both traveling to NYC and Bread and Butter.

Now I am terribly fortunate that I make my trek to the city in the wee hours of the morning avoiding the "Rush Hour" traffic but you would be surprised by the amount of complete !$@&*#$ who are still on the road during these lighter traveled times. Now please do not misunderstand me, I'm not one who is prone to "Road Rage" but I do possess a very healthy and somewhat sadistic imagination. Full disclosure, these unholy flights of fancy actually help me turn the high heat anger setting down to a low lovely simmer.

Mark Drabich Bold and Briny Oyster

Just for fun, let's take the left hand lane driver who's traveling at 60mph in a 65 mile an hour zone with a veritable parade of cars behind them. I am almost envious of their oblivion but that said, how I would love to get them in a dark bunker with nothing but a bottle of cheap scotch, a half a pack of camels and a rusty soldering iron...mmm, that would fun. Or perhaps that "so busy" individual who is swerving all over the road...sure, your first thoughts are that dude must be under the influence but in passing them you notice they are nostrils deep in their smart phone, that's charming I think but how I would love to cover the walls and floors of a sound proof room with heavy plastic and show that guy how fantastic my filleting skills are with a dull knife. I feel as though his shrills for mercy would sooth me. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanted to jump on the roof of a car, passing on the shoulder of the road and in Marvel Comics fashion, extract the driver through the roof of their vehicle with one "Hulk like" motion. But again, I let these deliciously evil thoughts run around and have fun to prevent the real monster, "Road Rage", from showing his face. I mean, did you ever feel better showing someone your "highway" bird, no, of course not. But should I still feel a little heated after my travels I do know one thing that always gets me back in a "Ghandiesc" state of mind and that's cooking for my loved ones.

Now should you need a dose of culinary Namaste then look no further than today's Indian inspired recipes featuring Grilled "Tandoori"Style Tilefish & Spicy Cilantro Lemon Whole Barbecued Sea Bream.

Now please drive carefully because the Fishman thinks you're Lovely.