October Heat Wave

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients who, like me, are just plain confused at this October heat wave we've been experiencing. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not enjoying the "Indian Summer" we have been in this past week or so but my body is wondering when we can start putting on our fall "Sweater Layer."

Usually by this time of year I'm enjoying an extra 5 pounds of me to hide under a loose fleece or sweater but every time I tell my physique it's okay, my "Dad Bod" starts to treble at the possibility that we might have one more Summer Pool party to attend. I know it sounds

crazy but my body seems to have a mind of its own, why just this weekend while watching my NY Jets rack up another win, my left hand scolded the right hand for taking its 12th buffalo shrimp. It did however allow me all the celery sticks I could eat minus the blue cheese dressing of course. I even gone as far as to spend up to 30 minutes a day in my walk-in freezer in order to trick my system into thinking the cooler months are at hand. Sadly this did not work and I think I might have lost part of my pinky due to frostbite. I know that the cooler temperatures are on their way but as long as we are sharing I wouldn't mind a cold snap for the simple reason that if I see one more grown man in a tank top rocking "Sasquatch" shoulders, I am going to have to gouge my eyes out. Yes, I'm talking to my contemporaries out there, when we hit our 50's the days of backwards baseball caps and tank tops should be but a fond memory. Now should you feel the need to experience, once more, your youthful days might I suggest ordering a Coke flavored Slurpee but please enjoy it in the privacy of your vehicle to stay off the, that guys a creep, stares. That said, feel free to turn the volume up on the rocking 80's sounds of Journey and Don't Stop Believing.

Today's very easy weekday recipes are soon to be favorites at your house featuring Seared Arctic Char with a Mustard Relish & Weekday Mussel Stew. I truly hope you enjoy them with loved ones and a Pint of your favorite Fall brew... No, this does not include Pumpkin Beers for they are inherently evil.

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