"Snow In" is Just a Great Excuse

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients and for those of you who are not aware, we are in the season of Winter.

It's about this time of year that guy or gal in the office starts each day with the excruciating question "Is it cold enough for you out there?" I know how you feel and quite frankly the only thing that prevents me from running out of the room screaming is my fantasy of bludgeoning this individual with an "old timey" Swingline stapler... it feels so real, that sometimes I even feel as though I sprained my shoulder. But seriously, what kind of babies are we that just the thought of 1" inch of snow whips us up into a milk and bread buying frenzy that has not been seen since Cold War Russia.

For those of us who call Hunterdon County our home it's a little different. When the Weatherman harks out about oncoming winter weather we first look at our Pinot supply to make sure we can weather out the storm in most delicious fashion. It's not that we don't need bread and milk but it's all dependent if we are going to have a snowy brunch with Brioche French Toast. Now I know for the tender ones among us and I say that with no judgment, a few flakes of snow requires a full therapy session, complete with gentle forehead strokes, letting them know "It's going to be alright my Sweetness." As for the rugged Little Chefs among us a "Snow In" is just a great excuse to gather the ones you love and get busy banging some pots and pans together in the kitchen. Come on, what would you rather have on a snowy afternoon... a sodium laden bowl of Oodles of Noodles or one of today's recipes featuring Pan Seared Athenian Inspired Swordfish or perhaps the Skate Francaise So Easy and Simple, You'll Punch a Veal.

I think we have our final answer, so let's lock it in. Not only will you be braving it out in the most delectable way but you'll also be upping your much needed Vitamin D that is so crucial this time of year. Luckily, swordfish, salmon, and tuna are chocked full of vitamin D to help keep your levels in check throughout the long, dark winter months. Holy Ship bottoms little chefs, you not just cooking, you're also healing... who'd da thunk. As always, thank you for allowing us to spend this time together and letting this Fishmonger feel so very special.


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