Luck, Happiness and Success in Your Continuing Journey

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients and to the Graduating Class of 2018, I wish you all luck, happiness and success in your continuing journey.

Now of course I am talking to the college grads out there and not the high school grads, to which I say to them, get ready for the most carefree days of your life since someone changed your diaper...Seriously, it's going to be glorious and you will never be able to nap again with such success and lack of scrutiny.

As for the college grads who are going on to Grad School, I tip my cap to you that you somehow convinced your parents to continue your life thesis of how Goldschlager promotes long term peace in countries with a budding democracy. As for the rest of you who are feeling as though your life has just come to a screeching halt or perhaps you feel a little nervous, fearful or that you just want to "heave" your guts up, that's probably because for the first time in your life, it's just good sense.

Now I'm sure your loving family and friends have all told you how everything is going to "work out" just fine but please keep in mind that their pants are on fire, meaning, they are lying.

Hey, maybe some of you want to become dancers but when you auditioned they said you moved great but you're not the "body type" we are looking for at this time. And then of course you go home and cry yourself to sleep and wonder if the world will ever be ready for a thick half-Lebanese dancer who has natural rhythm that comes only from his soul...Oh dear! Sorry, that one got a little emotional...I...I was actually talking about a friend of mine...yeah a friend. Anyhow, I'm sure all you grads are going to go out in the world and soar to new heights as you pursue your dreams. But please remember as my "friend" would say, even if you fail sometimes, don't stop dancing...sob...sniff...sorry.

Now should you feel like celebrating this weekend then I hope you will try today's recipes featuring Kick B@$$ Shrimp Tacos with a Mojito Slaw & Grilled Honey Chipotle Scallops. Thank you as always for visiting with me.

To all of our Beloved Friends and Clients South and West...You Can Experience Metropolitan Seafood At The Stockton Farmers Market Stockton NJ FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS...PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL OUR MAIN NUMBER TO ORDER SEAFOOD (908) 840-4332

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Our Classic Fish And Chips As Well As Our Famous Grilled Fish Tacos, Rock Shrimp Tacos...AND $1 OYSTERS FROM 3 TO 5 PM ALSO, METRO'S OWN LOBSTER ROLL WITH FRIES...Looks like it's here to stay

Friday 3:00 to 7:00 Saturday 9:00 to 4:00 Sunday 10:00 to 4:00

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