October is National Seafood Month!

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients and did you know that October is National Seafood Month?

Well of course, the piscivorous folks among us already have begun the celebration of fresh Seafood but some of you might be saying to yourself, why a whole month. Well for one if you had a national Beef or Chicken month, you could probably stay jazzed for about the first three days then come to the realization that it's just one protein and if I eat beef everyday for a whole month I will probably need a coronary artery bypass. But let's take seafood for instance, there are so many lovely varieties in the world's oceans you could literally dine twice a day for two months and not get through all of the delectable offerings. And lets not forget that only seafood is the "protein with benefits."

What the Hake are you talking about fishman? Well, it's like "friends with benefits" but no one gets emotionally ruined from the experience.

In fact, the only down side is that you might just live a more healthful life due to the fact that Seafood is the highest-quality protein rich in omega-3s, vitamins and minerals. It is important to eat seafood and omega-3s to support brain health, heart health, eye health and even a baby's health. Now for those of you who might not have grown up in Atlantis surrounded by fresh seafood, you might be thinking...I don't have a fluking clue how to prepare fresh seafood. No worries, that's where Metro comes in, to gently guide you toward stress free delectable waters. That's right, just ask any of our eager fishmongers how to prepare any fresh seafood selection...for the love of Cod...we live for it. Seriously, it is our honor and sincere pleasure to help in your seafood meal preparations. And if that is not enough, we'll even make it easier by prepping your fish so all you have to do is grill, roast or pan sear it and boom, dinner is made and another heart just got stronger.

I would like to remind everyone that we will not be doing the bobbing for crabs game this year due to the injuries some of our clients suffered during last October's festivities. In all fairness, we did tell them that the Crabs were alive.

Well that said, I hope you enjoy today's easy weeknight recipes featuring Spicy Honey Glazed Roasted Salmon & Crispy Dijon Tilapia with a Fennel and Arugula Salad. As always thank you for loving fresh Seafood and allowing us to love you.

To all of our Beloved Friends and Clients South and West...You Can Experience Metropolitan Seafood At The Stockton Farmers Market Stockton NJ


Along with our fresh fish selections we are delighted to announce Metropolitan Seafood will be offering (on Fridays Only) at the Stockton Market Our Classic Fish And Chips as Well As Our Famous Grilled Fish Tacos, Rock Shrimp Tacos...AND $1 OYSTERS FROM 3 TO 5 PM ALSO, METRO'S OWN LOBSTER ROLL WITH FRIES...Looks like it's here to stay

Friday 3:00 to 7:00 Saturday 9:00 to 4:00 Sunday 10:00 to 4:00

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Metro's Ahi Tuna Taco Burgers (2) Garlic Lime Ahi Tuna Burger with Shredded Lettuce, Pico Di Gallo and Chipotle Aioli on a Grilled Flour Tortilla (2) With Our House Pickled Jalapeños and Red Onion on the Side With a Choice of Soup* $10

Grilled Ginger Lime Black Cod on a Mixed Field Green Salad with a