Life is pretty Coddamn Awesome

Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients and as you go face first into the beginning of the holiday season, please stay calm and remember, Life is pretty Coddamn Awesome.

Of course we all know that the other side of the dirt is not our preferred status and I feel like a hack saying it but I even have to remind myself, every now and then.

Now I promise not to get too "Oprah" on you but I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for you, our amazing clients. And please know that we experience this every day in one form or another, not only through your patronage but your always welcomed quirky comments. I would just like to share a few and I promise not reveal anyone's true identity.

The first one was told to me just this past weekend by a lovely women from Whitehouse who stated "Your smoked whitefish salad is like crack cocaine..." and then she hugged me. And a man from Annandale professed that we "ruined him" with the freshness of our fish...I delivered the hug that time but he quickly tried to pry my bear claws off of him...I did not let go. And finally I could not begin to thank, from the bottom of my briny heart, when a customer says "I love coming here." Seriously, that is a soul punch that knocks me out every time. So on top of the health of our family and friends it is you our clients who are a true blessing we are so Thankful for. We are here to take care of you and we love it, so Cheers to you all.

Now should you feel like upping your Thanksgiving Feast with a couple of my favorite appetizers, may I recommend the following dishes. Just scroll down to see the recipes below and have a Happy and Love filled Thanksgiving.

Scalloped Oysters

Rock Shrimp Cakes with a Basil Caper Tartar Sauce

Smoked Lemon Trout Pate

Stuffed Chorizo Clams


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To all of our Beloved Friends and Clients South and West...You Can Experience Metropolitan Seafood At The Stockton Farmers Market Stockton NJ FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS...PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL OUR MAIN NUMBER TO ORDER SEAFOOD (908) 840-4332

Along with our fresh fish selections we are delighted to announce Metropolitan Seafood will be offering (on Fridays Only) at the Stockton Market Our Classic Fish And Chips As Well As Our Famous Grilled Fish Tacos, Rock Shrimp Tacos...AND $1 OYSTERS FROM 3 TO 5 PM