Good morning to all of our beloved friends and clients and may I echo the message of News Outlets everywhere...WARNING, WARNING, WARNING! It's going to be hot for the rest of the week.

Really? Have we as a society gotten that mushy and fragile that we need a Defcon 1 type message all over the news? By the way, I am not suggesting you take on that DYI deck building project this weekend knowing full well but I think we all can agree that with a bottle of Poland Spring you can, at the very least, take out the garbage. Now I know I am kind of old and was not raised in the lap of luxury but I can distinctly remember my father instructing me to "push" mow the lawn in Hot as Haites weather with the knowledge that I was at least 40 pounds overweight. Oh how my 204 pound 7th grade self would have loved to say to my pops "Hey Dad, I certainly don't mind cutting the grass but just so you are aware the heat index is quite dangerous and with my elevated weight, I might be symptomatic for early onset diabetes." Yeah that would have went over real well as I carefully brushed myself off after a classic Baby Boomer open faced smackdown. "No pop, that tooth was loose anyway and I'm pretty sure folks are still losing their baby teeth well into your twenties." Okay, maybe I laid it on a bit thick but I can confidently say that our 10K plus subscribers know just how to deal with the upcoming heat wave this weekend. That said, I have decided to make Metro an official "Cooling Center" and along with dropping the AC to a brisk 66° we will be offering some other spa like features and they are as follows.

1 Full Body Crushed Ice Rubdowns...Thankfully as a Fish market we have plenty of ice and in case you are asking, the answer is no, you don't have to disrobe but we might.

2 Cold Clam Massages...For those of you who are familiar with a Hot Stone massage, it's kind of like that but we shuck the clams after your therapy and have you eat them with cocktail sauce and super cold beer.

3 The Shrimp Cocktail Ice Bath...This is just like an "Ice Bath" that is administered to elite athletes but there is only ice in the tub (no water) along with lemon slices and shrimp cocktail and yes beer (don't worry you don't have to go into the tub just lean against it and eat shrimp in the most therapeutic ways.

4 The Freezer Deprivation Chamber...very healing. This is for those folks who (and I say this without judgment) are a bit whiny about the heat. For this one we just throw you in the back freezer, shut off the lights and hold the door until you come to your senses.

Well now that you know we are a "Real" Cooling Station we hope you stop by and chill out. Oh, by the way, our Fish Market and Take-Out will be in full swing as well just in case you want to purchase some fresh seafood or just get an order of Fish Tacos. Should you be feeling a little insane this weekend and actually go outside to grill I have created two dishes for you featuring Grilled Salmon with an Italian Inspired Salsa & Grilled Greek Style Whole Sea Bream (Dorade) with Herb Vinaigrette.

Now shut the door and begin your tantric cooldown breathing...inhale...exhale...that's better.

To all of our Beloved Friends and Clients South and West...You Can Experience Metropolitan Seafood At The Stockton Farmers Market Stockton NJ


Along with our fresh fish selections we are delighted to announce Metropolitan Seafood will be offering (on Fridays Only) at the Stockton Market Our Classic Fish And Chips As Well As Our Famous Grilled Fish Tacos, Rock Shrimp Tacos...AND $1 OYSTERS FROM 3-5 PM...THAT'S A BUCK A SHUCK! ALSO, METRO'S OWN LOBSTER ROLL WITH FRIES...Looks like it's here to stay

Friday 3:00 to 7:00 Saturday 9:00 to 4:00 Sunday 10:00 to 4:00

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Metro's "Holy Guacamole" Salmon Burger Grilled Lime Garlic Organic Salmon Burger with Shredded Lettuce, Guacamole and Baja Sauce on a Toasted Roll With a Choice of Soup* $11

The Soon to Be Famous" Snapper Roll Cornmeal Crusted Snapper Fillet with a Grilled Corn Salsa with a Lime Baja Sauce on a Toasted Ciabatta Roll With a Choice of Soup* $11

Metro's Spiced Up Mexican "Torta" Catfish Sandwich Spicy Corn Meal Crusted Catfish with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Avocado and Pickled Jalapeños with Chipotle Aioli on a Fr