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Metropolitan Seafood is unbearably proud to carry only local all natural cheeses produced in our own backyard. Come on in and try the finest selections from Valley Shepherd Creamery from Long Valley and Bobolink Dairy located in Milford,  both in New Jersey . 



We love these folk's commitment to quality while honoring the artisanal practice of cheese making.

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Cheese Selections

Valley Shepherd Creamery (Long Valley, New Jersey)
Califon Tomme
Raw Jersey cow milk. Aged for a min of 3 months in a 12 lb wheel, this Dutch-style cheese is the staple of many cheese plates. This gouda-like cheese is creamy, satisfying, and mild.

Raw Jersey cow milk. Cave aged for over three months in a 12 lb wheel. A creamy Dutch-style interior with nettles added for a herby, garlicky flavor that has become a regional favorite.

Raw Jersey cow milk. Aged three months in a 12 lb wheel. Like a Morbier, this creamy, semi-firm cheese has a line of ash in the center. Wonderful earthy aroma and great with microbrews.


Oldwick Shepherd
Raw Sheep milk. Cave aged for 3-5 months in a 4-5 lb wheel. Our signature cheese resembles a Brebis de Pyrenees.

Raw Sheep milk. Made in the traditional manchego basket molds of 4-5 lbs and aged for a minimum of 5 months. Features cracked black peppercorns. American Cheese Society Winner!

Shepherd’s Basket
Raw Sheep milk. Made in the traditional manchego basket molds of 4-5 lbs and aged for 5-9 months. Shepherd’s Basket resembles Basque Idiazabal or Spanish Manchego Viejo with a full flavor of grazed sheep’s milk.

Raw 100% Guernsey cow milk. Our largest wheel, weighing in at 40 lbs. After 18 months in the cave, it delivers a range of nutty and floral flavors only found in some of the mountain cheeses of France. Enjoy on a plate, cooking, or fondue.


Tartufo Shepherd
Raw Sheep milk. Cave aged 3-5 months in a 4-5 lb wheel. A marriage made in heaven of summer black Tuscan truffles and aged sheep cheese.

Raw Jersey cow milk. Cave aged for a minimum of eight months in 25 lb wheels. This nutty Alpine-style can be used on cheese plates and in a myriad of dishes. American Cheese Society Winner!


Raw blend of Cow, Sheep, and Goat milk! Aged 4-6 months in a 4-5 lb wheel. This creamy Iberico style has everything you need.

Bobolink Dairy (Milford, New Jersey)
Cave-Aged Cheddar  
Aged approximately 15 months, this cheddar has a full, mellow, complex, and compelling flavor. Made in collaboration with an Amish cheese maker, it is made from the raw milk of 100% grass-fed cows. The natural rind is delicious!

One of our trademark cheeses, with a flavor that is complex and accessible. This autumn's Drumm is semi-firm, with a light texture. Excellent with fruits, pairs well with a variety of wines and ales.

Frolic is a simple, traditionally made raw milk cheese, which expresses the true seasonal nature of grass-fed milk. It has a rich, beefy flavor! It goes well with bold red wines, hearty ales, cider, crusty breads. Will continue to improve at room temp for 1-2 weeks, keeps for two months in the 'fridge.

Jean-Louis cheese
Named in memory of chef Jean-Louis Palladin, a great man who made a profound imprint on cooking in the US before his untimely death took him from us.

This is a great big wheel, as befits such a great man. Because of its size, the body heat of the cows stays in the cheese for several days after it is made, giving the cheese its characteristic bright, sunny lemony flavor, with bold grassy, winey, and fruity notes.

We make Jean-Louis in the spring and again in the fall when the grass, cows, and milk are just right for this remarkable cheese. Like so many good things, it is seasonal, and frequently out of stock, so please enjoy it while you can!

Blue Yonder (Lively Run Dairy - Interlaken, New York)
Cow, Pasteurized ~4 lb Wheel - Pasteurized. Both subtle and complex, this creamy cheese is very approachable. While the rich Holstein milk from which it is made gives the paste lovely yellow tones, it is marbled throughout with pockets and veins of deep blue.

Noblette Brie (Calkins Creamery – Honesdale, Pennsylvania)
Cow, Pasteurized ~1.5 lb wheel 1st place at the American Cheese Society 2019 - SoftRipened cheese category. Bloomy, buttery, earthy, and mushroomy notes. 

Saint Andre Triple Crème Brie (Coutances, France)
Cow's milk cheese produced in Coutances, in the Normandy region of northwestern France. It has a high fat (75%) content because it is further enhanced with heavy cream, making it dense, buttery, and rich. The rind is covered with a velvety and powdery bloomy mold, while the inside is ivory white in colour. The taste of the cheese is an intense version of the Brie, another famous French soft cheese.

The flavours of the satiny, edible rind are tangy, perfectly complementing the rich, slightly salty and decadent centre. Saint-André topped with Caramel Pecan, Craisin-Currant-Walnut, or Roasted Tomato Pine Nut forms an ideal course for Valentine’s Day! The full, buttery taste of Saint Andre can make a white wine taste sour, so it is best suggested with a light beer, dessert wine or a slice of pear. It could also be enjoyed with crusty French bread or a plain cracker.

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