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Metropolitan Seafood & Gourmet is Proud to Announce...

Granola Factory Kiffles

What's a Kiffle? It's a flaky cream cheese pastry hand-rolled with a fruit filling!
Lovely to say the least. Flavors Include Apricot, Raspberry, and Walnut.

Middle Eastern Pastries and Cookies
from the Soumaya & Sons Bakery
Baklava & Mamool Lebanese Cookies Both Date and Walnut


Imported Lebanese Candies
Candy that resembles fruit jelly, except it is traditionally made with grape molasses, thickened with starch and flavored with rose water, mastic orange blossom and stuffed with pistachios.
Sesame Candy (Semsemiyeh)
Honey Sesame Candy


Sweets and Delights
Apricot Paste
Imported Fig Jam
Imported Apricot Jam
Imported Halva (Both Plain & Pistachio)

Kolsvart Candy Fish

Vegan, gluten free, flavored confection with no artificial additives or colorings. Flavors include Raspberry, Sour Raspberry, Salty Smoked Licorice, Elderflower, Raspberry + Blackcurreant, Sour Blueberry, and Sweet Licorice. 

Freespir Chocolates

(Hand Crafted In New Jersey)

Dominican Republic Collection: Dark, Sea Salt, Honey- Dark Chocolates
Guatemalan Collection: Coffee & Cardamom, Dark, Dark w/ Seas Salt Chocolates

Call ahead (908) 840-4332

Light Flaky Kiffles

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