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Beluga-Hybrid (Farm raised Hybrid of Huso Dauricus & Acipenser Schrenckii (relative of Osetra))
A sturgeon hybrid with medium to large size eggs and a nutty flavor with buttery overtones. Beluga Hybrid is ecologically sustainable since it is farm raised.


This is important since wild beluga is on the endangered species list.
$80.00 – 1oz, $160.00 – 2oz, $320.00 – 4oz, $640.00 – 8oz, $1,280.00 – 16oz


Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii)
This osetra style caviar originates from the Siberian river basins in Asia now farm raised for its caviar. Flavorful and sweet resembling an ocean breeze and a taste of the sea. The caviar’s characteristics are similar to sevruga caviar with dark medium sized eggs running from gray to jet black in color.

$70.00 – 1oz, $140.00 – 2oz, $280.00 – 4oz, $560.00 – 8oz, $1,020.00 – 16oz

Russian Osetra (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii)
The original osetra originating from the Caspian Sea basin now farm raised around the world. Wonderful flavor gueldenstaedtii is the highest quality of osetra you can buy. Described as having a rich nutty sweet flavor and medium to large size eggs. Its color varies from golden light to dark brown.

$75.00 – 1oz, $150.00 – 2oz, $300.00 – 4oz, $600.00 – 8oz, $1200.00 – 16oz

American Osetra (Acipenser Transmontanus)
American osetra is the largest freshwater fish in North America and the third largest species of sturgeon. This osetra grow up to 20 feet long and can weigh up to 1200 pounds. It is a native of the west coast of North America the caviar can only be harvested from farm raised Sturgeon. Rated one of the best caviar in the New York Times. The caviar eggs are medium to large size. The color
runs from brown to black caviar has an intense aroma, and unmistakable flavor similar to Russian osetra.

$70.00 – 1oz, $140.00 – 2oz, $280.00 – 4oz, $560.00 – 8oz, $1,020.00 – 16oz

American Sturgeon Hackleback (Scaphirhynchus Platorynchus)
Sometimes known as Shovelnose Sturgeon. American Sturgeon is the only wild sturgeon that can be the legally fished and the smallest of the ancient sturgeon species in North America. They reside in the river systems of North America mostly found along the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers. Eggs are slightly smaller than Sevruga or Paddlefish. The color is typically
shining jet black. The roe is preferred by many over paddlefish due to its firmer egg and cleaner flavor.

$50.00 – 1oz, $100.00 – 2oz, $200.00 – 4oz, $400.00 – 8oz, $800.00 – 16oz

Paddlefish (Polyodon Spathula)
Paddlefish is an ancient order of fish very similar to Sturgeon. They reside in the Mississippi and Tennessee River basin region and can be legally fished in the wild. The recognizable snout creates the common name paddlefish or spoonfish. Paddlefish caviar produces a delicious mild flavor and pleasant after the eggs are larger sturgeon sized eggs with light to dark gray color and many
consider the flavor to be similar to sevruga sturgeon caviar.

$45.00 – 1oz, $90.00 – 2oz, $180.00 – 4oz, $360.00 – 8oz, $720.00 – 16oz

Salmon Roe Caviar (Oncorhynchus)
Caught in the wild in the Freshwaters of Alaska, The Yukon, and British Columbia. A very flavorful bright red caviar. Eggs size is the largest of all caviars. Salmon Roe is considered a delicacy in Russia and as a key ingredient in sushi. Salmon Roe is one of the most popular caviars because the flavor is less strong with the delicious salmon flavor more familiar to the American pallet. It also has a distinctive pop when consumed.

$20.00 – 4oz, $40.00 – 8oz, $80.00 – 16oz

Trout Roe (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Trout roe is a delicious firm brilliantly colored orange egg that has a delicate flavor and a distinctive pop when consuming. Trout roe is great on hors d’oeuvres or as a garnish or ingredient for your next event. An affordable alternative to sturgeon caviar. Trout roe is a Real Crowd Pleaser!


$39.00 – 4oz, $78.00 – 8oz, $140.00 – 16oz

Caviar Complements and Accessories
Blinis 16pcs. $10.99 Mother of Pearl Spoon $14.00 Caviar Glass Bowl Server $38.00

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