* Fluke

* Scallop

* Halibut

* Chutoro

* Snapper

​* Unagi: BBQ Eel

* Scottish Salmon

* Uni: Sea Urchin Roe

* Hiramasa: Yellow Tail

* Tobiko: Flying Fish Roe

* Mackerel: Spanish/Boston

* Otoro (Tuna Belly)

* Tuna: Yellow Fin Tuna/Big Eye Tuna

*  Wild King Salmon or  Wild Ivory Salmon (Depending on Availability)


Classic Sushi Rolls ($14/Roll)

Philly Roll

Unagi Roll

King Crab Roll

Cucumber Roll

Yellowtail and Scallion 

Shrimp and Cucumber

Scallop and Scallion 

Tuna / Tuna Avocado / Spicy Tuna

California (With real King Crab Meat) ($18/Roll)

Salmon / Salmon Avocado / Spicy Salmon 

*Any roll you choose can be enhanced with Flying Fish Roe for Taste and Texture*


Sashimi (Market Price)

Thinly Sliced Raw Fish 


Nigiri ($6/Piece)

Thinly Sliced Raw Fish Laid Over Rice


Served with a Soy Avocado Dressing and Crisp Wontons

Choice of either Salmon or Tuna Tartare